Reasons to Choose Cremation than Burial

There are two common types of the ending process of a funeral. One of them is to bury the corpse and the other is to burn the corpse through a process called as the cremation process. In this article, the christian funeral service singapore would like to explain about the latter, which is the cremation process.

In some big cities in certain countries, there is a tendency recently to begin preferring cremation than burying the corpse as it is regarded as one of the solutions. A solution to solve the problem of looking for a land to bury the corpse as many cemeteries have reported that they have been too full that they cannot accommodate any new funeral. That is why the cremation process which was once forbidden and considered illegal starts to be legalized. Places which are often called as crematoriums or burial-places have begun to be built and operated in a number of places.

In certain countries, cremation burial was chosen as an alternative to replace the old system that is buried, the percentage tends to increase from year to year. A country like Italy, for example, is currently at 6.5% in using cremation, whilst Americans are at 27.12%, 70.70%, and the UK is the largest country of Japan is almost 100%. Thus, there are some reasons for the popularity of cremation and some of them are as follows:

– Practical and cost-effective.
Cremation funeral costs are relatively cheaper than the grave system. Party expert determined to be the beneficiary will not be “bothered” with the affairs of the maintenance of the tomb, the rental fee for the extension, etc.
– Sanitation and health and hygiene groundwater.
For cases such as outbreaks of disease, etc., cremation is regarded as one of the effective ways to mitigate them. In countries like Japan, which has a relatively small land, cremation is done to keep the ground water or sanitation.