Tips that you can do before installing new shower system

The presence of a bathtub in contemporary homes are now being replaced by the use of a shower system. In addition to being more modern and efficient place, bathroom with shower system helps you to save water by a third time saver in water consumption. However, choosing showerhead is not just a simple case of a variety of shower system. In order to avoid the mistake in choosing the showerhead, you might consider these tips on choosing a bathroom shower below, if you want to use high pressure shower head for low water pressure:

1. Checking the water line

Using the shower with the clogged water flow would be so annoying, isn’t it? Of course, it would be futile. The amount of water will likely not make your shower activity becomes smooth and unpleasant. So, you need to check the water line before replacing tubs with shower. You need to make sure whether the channel is clogged by dirt or not. If yes, clean it immediately. Usually, the waste in the form of hair clogging the drains.

2. Choosing high-pressure shower head for low water pressure

After checking the water supply to the bathroom, do not forget to pay attention to the type of shower head that will be selected. Choose the shower water which can work properly although the water pressure is low. Typically, the amount of water ejected can be regulated by a special faucet which is connected to the showerhead. However, there are also some types which do not have a regulator so that the water does not give the water line that you want or need.

3. Use the hand shower

Hand shower or removable handles which can be mounted on the wall is a recommended shower system to choose. In addition to more water-efficient, this water system, is very suitable for all ages because of its height can be adjusted. Interestingly, this water head is able to hold and being directed to a specific part of your body which make a perfect shower.

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