Why you should eat at the Fogo De Chao

If you’re looking to eat at a unique steakhouse in the US, we recommend you to go to the Fogo De Chao. This restaurant specializes in the Brazilian steak cuisine that’s cooked by using the centuries old method that has been inherited from the Brazil. The taste, tenderness and the scent of the steak will be more exotic than any other steak across the globe, and their Brazilian steak is the best one in the United States. Don’t worry about its price, that’s because fogo de chao menu prices are relatively the cheapest one among other steakhouses.

There are many reasons of why you should eat at the fogo de chao:

1. The quality is high but the price is low. You can enjoy the best Brazilian steak cuisine with the very low prices.

2. So many steak parts choices. You can choose the tenderloin, sirloin, ribs and much more.

3. Atmosphere choices. You can choose to eat your dinner elegantly in our main restaurant, table market banquet to share the food with your family and friend, or you can choose the more casual way to enjoy our dishes and cocktail at the Bar Fogo.