Effects of Student Uniforms on Attendance, Behavior Problems, Substance Use, and Academic Achievement

Pros and cons of the use of school uniforms no longer be a case of strange or unusual. Some people judge that the school uniform means to provide a barrier from one child to another child or group of children to a group of other children. Pro against school uniforms, some teachers considered that school uniforms can unite every individual in it and they will not feel alienated by their own clothes, for example, the United States, where the majority of schools do not have uniforms and 160,000 children in the end truant from school for fear intimidated from their friends and may be indirectly related to what they wear. Therefore, the school said that in fact, it would be safe for students to wear school uniforms because then they will not have a chance to make bullying against their friends about their friend’s clothes and is also useful as a defense against the order of the school.

Although school uniforms are cheaper than buying a whole wardrobe, uniforms may be an expensive item. Many schools have certain suppliers and use cheaper alternative may result in a penalty. Recently in the United States, held a conference about the cost of school uniforms across the UK, the education ministry published new guidelines to end the practice of using a single uniform supplier, allowing parents to see the uniforms worn around. If schools want to change the color or even design their school uniforms, the school is required to include the new symbol signifying their uniforms for one or logos.

The students who get school uniforms they were considered more diligent to come to school because they have a sense of ownership of their school, and liked their uniforms because everyone looks the same so he should not be afraid to feel left behind by the way they dress and they will look more intelligent and it being a good thing. Uniforms eliminate pressure on what should they wear every day and protect them from the attitude of intimidation of fashion or trends prevailing at this time so they will come to school more pleased with the thought of a quieter so they would be able to do their tasks without burden.