The Criteria of a Sanctuary

The animal biodiversity in the world makes the need for a place to protect and preserve that diversity. Therefore, many governments of different countries, including the government of Thailand, make some places to help animals in danger such as nature reserves and wildlife reserves or sanctuaries. If you are looking for an ethical sanctuary to visit in Thailand, you can visit our website on to see all the list of ethical sanctuaries in the country.

A sanctuary is a natural space which has characteristics such as diversity or uniqueness of the species living there so that its survival can be developed to its original or natural habitat. The criteria for the appointment and the establishment of a sanctuary are as follows:

– a place of living and breeding of wildlife species conservation efforts need to be done;
– a habitat of an endangered species and or feared to be extinct;
– diversity and wildlife populations are high;
– a place and a life for a particular migrant species; or
– a considerable extent as the habitat of the species concerned.